Dice For Brains is an actual play podcast. Based on Table Top Role Playing Games such as FFG Star Wars, D&D and Genesys, we create our own dramatic stories, add original music, vocal and battle sound effects and edit the whole thing down to 45 minutes of pure storytelling - like Netflix for your ears! We also encourage new players to join our table every season. Dice For Brains is a proud member of the d20 network and will join Ancient City Con for the first time in 2018! Follow us at @DiceForBrains on Twitter and on patreon.com

Ancient City Con welcomes d20 Game Spot as our GAME ROOM sponsor providing a multitude of gaming for your enjoyment at ACC including...

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Pokémon tcg 
Yugioh tcg
Magic the Gathering 
Red Dragon Inn

Star Wars X-Wing
Star Wars Legion
Blood Bowl
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Warhammer 40k